“Time Travel” Experiments Begin

Chicago Christian University’s RealTardis®, Inc. (formerly UniFieldX, Inc.) has begun the world’s first time travel experiments.  The theoretical foundations for these experiments are found in Dr. Michael Bisconti’s groundbreaking  book The First Real Physics of Time Travel.

The first experiment will consist of breaking what Dr. Bisconti refers to as the “time barrier”; that is, going faster than the “speed of time” (T=ec3), which separates our timeline from every other timeline.  The speed of time corresponds to the speed of sound and the speed of light, only in the realm of time.

We will be closely following Dr. Bisconti’s and RealTardis®, Inc.’s progress.

What The Bible Says About Climate Change

The Bible teaches that:

  • Carbon dioxide will increase in the end times.
  • The climate will warm up in the end times.
  • The oceans will not flood the continents in the future.

During Noah’s time there was the same increased carbon dioxide (Genesis 1:7, Genesis 2:5) and warmth of the climate (Genesis 1:7, Genesis 2:5) occurring today and God said that this increased carbon dioxide and climate warmth (Genesis 1:7, Genesis 2:5) would be repeated in the end times (Luke 17:26). Regarding continental flooding, God said that the continents would not be flooded in the future (Genesis 8:21).